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From bc <human@electronetwork.org>
Date Tue, 19 Mar 2002 01:49:51 -0600

  [will try to be very brief.... this is a bit more on art (i have piles of
  artifacts of art work in boxes, that are not able to be unpacked as i
  am in nomad stage and so i cannot open and close boxes, as i there
  are so many boxes of research/resources)... i was searching for
  the .ru artwork brochure that i had, and unfortunately could not
  find it nor scan it to show. one of my favorite things, that. yet it
  equally of importance as this 'comic', a Short History of America,
  by Robert Crumb. it is basically a 24 inch by 16 inch or so poster
  which has nine panels going from left to right, then down to the
  left and right, again, in reading. and it starts with nothing, the
  landscape, and ends up with, well, what the environment is like
  today, if not in a more pristine state in his style of drawing. yet
  the chaos and confusion of the landscape is evident. yet, if one
  is to look at the e-pole, in all landscapes, it is the ordering device
  for all the changes occuring, from the first days of the telegraph
  and train, to industrial factories, street and traffic lighting, and
  plug-and-play franchize architecture stores. the mundane, but it
  can still be meaningful, depending on how it is approached. the
  other point, as with previous post, is that inside the wires of
  the comic painting is the internet, electricity, data, telephony,
  cable tv, fax machines, i.e. cyberspace. it is there, physical
  and material, in the wooden poles/objects/artifacts, and they
  are, like Roman columns of the older western empire, everywhere.]

  A Short History of America (by R.Crumb, sometimes in 1960s i think) ~200k


  here is a (somewhat comic/gonzo) analysis of this post that i wrote
  in 1995, for the design-list for art & architecture. it looks at most
  every frame in the poster. and i mailed photocopies of it to members.


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