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From bc <human@electronetwork.org>
Date Sat, 16 Mar 2002 02:41:38 -0600

  [sometimes the artifice can be a bit troublesome, and yet a
  person with a unique talent can capture what so often eludes
  in the everyday mundane environs.  spectacular events in-
  front of one's eyes and minds, if only lucky enough to see
  them. well, so often before, and again today, bbrace's 12
  hour ISBN photocatalogue has brought with a moment of a-
  part, cheer almost, a universe of lights unto themselves,
  artifacts, as if artists, grouped in a larger assemblage,
  expressing themselves, yet, similar in being fixed lights.
  this image captures a type of humor, in a world of blood.
  brad's photo makes me wonder about the world itself, as
  if each nation-state, made its own light, for a special room
  for the lights of a place and specific culture, however defined.
  maybe some lights would all be different, maybe some would
  be slightly modified versions of their neighbors, maybe some
  would be mass-produced clones.

  one hope, is that of an exhibit of lights, have always been
  most intrigued with the industrial archaeology/landscape,
  whereby the older (in the USA) gas station fluorescent
  lamps are now in ruins, knocked over, or not used for a
  decade, while weeds grow through the vacant concrete,
  breaking it up. these, traffic lights, house lights. that is
  one assemblage. or another, stratiography within the
  group itself, the typological aspect of a house-light, or
  a streetlight. there is knowledge in these artifacts, may-
  be not as much as when they are together, and also when
  they are seen as as whole, then looked at in their unique
  parts and patterns, comparing and constrasting, so as to
  give ordinary citizens the ability to look at the everyday
  world in a way that is extraordinary, like this 12hr photo:

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