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Date Fri, 15 Mar 2002 22:07:40 -0600
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  for those with an interest in the natural and built environment,
  and in understanding how it works by way of infrastructures,
  the maps recently put up at cartome.org show what is other-
  wise hard to describe in words, about the oil distribution .net
  in the USA. one link that is included here is of an image, which
  is quite similar to what most every GIS station could get as an
  output in the 1990s. since Sept.2001 they have reduced the #
  of pipelines, and have taken info 'off the map', or 'off limits'.
  i wrote to the mapping agency review committee about this,
  as i felt that taking all such info off of the maps would hurt
  the public's educational opportunities to better understand
  how these systems work in our technological culture. the
  word could be said to be that of an ecosytem or ecology of
  the oil infrastructure. and there are good reasons to know
  how such things work, how petrol products come to be from
  these same pipelines that feed into homes, gas stations, and
  plastics products galore, by way of local refineries on oil lines.
  but to balance the need-to-know with some common sense, if
  one can posit such a concept, it is understandable that persons
  may not need exact GPS coordinates to some aspects of these
  systems. that is the gray area. hopefully their will be enough
  info remaining to be able to utilize it as a citizen to learn more,
  without feeling that one is doing something wrong pursuing ideas.

  oil web: http://www.cartome.org/pipe-1.jpg

  article: http://www.cartome.org/pipeline-mapping.htm

  [one can notice how prominent oil is in certain US states, and
  in turn how the economic, social, and political order relate to it]

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