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  [a CAVE system in part, maybe a future for stage-setting of a
  videoconferencing system. else, the old false perspectives...]

NewsScan Daily, 14 March 2002 ("Above The Fold")
More than 40 U.S. television stations and many production studios are now
using virtual newsrooms that give the impression that newscasters are
broadcasting from gigantic, futuristic sets when the truth is that they are
actually in cramped, narrow rooms. How is it done? Just about everything in
the room is painted a certain shade of blue, and when the TV camera records
that particular color it substitutes digital imagery to make people and any
objects not in that color appear superimposed on the digital set. So when
you see a news anchor standing in front of a huge wall of video monitors,
you're just seeing "smoke and mirrors" (or maybe just mirrors -- unless the
anchor's excitement set his pants on fire). (New York Times 14 Mar 2002)


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