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From bc <human@electronetwork.org>
Date Thu, 14 Mar 2002 20:03:14 -0600

  [while EM dust motes may be being developed for purposes of surveillance
  sometime in the future, which could probably also serve multiple uses, it
  is sometimes something that serves in a uniquely unredeeming way that it
  is important to see its relation to the EM infrastructure, its use, and abuse.
  for anyone who has been a recent or past troublemaker, hope this does not
  reach you. but if it does, it is basically BackOrrifice, from what has been
  said about it, a rework for worst-case, where black hats are bleached white.
  Echelon, that global surveillance network, that has been all but
totally verified
  by nation-states who are not in on the deal, or who were never asked for their
  democratic permission (nor oversight) for such thing. that is one
thing. And in
  the USA, the Carnivore project for online snooping was feared, but also had
  the requisite checks and balances that at least made some feel that there was
  some oversight, and it should be used lawfully. but, in the hey-day of booming
  defense (and offense) budgets, D.I.R.T. is bound to arise, sooner or
later, and
  this has likely been deployed already, as somethings are rather close to home.
  everyone has their own mind to decide what to make of it, but it is an EM tool
  that has the purposes described below, in the global social atmosphere we all
  have to share. this is equivalent to the 'panopticon' prison system
on speedial.
  this is one of the main reasons i stopped using PGP crypto, as once
your system
  is taken over, security is an illusion, and your computer will be
broken in kind.
  this is not to say that EM surveillance is entirely without merit or need, but
  this type of DIRTy dealing breeds abuse, breaks things, and can frame people.]

D.I.R.T. Reference Guide
Codex Data Systems, Inc.


Data Interception by Remote Transmission


Reference Guide  Operations Manual

DIRT Program, Installation and User Guide (2.4M)

backgrounder/article about DIRT and JYA on the Register.co.uk


D.I.R.T. is a specialized program designed to allow remote
monitoring of a target PC by military, government and law enforcement
agencies. Base functionality includes a specialized application with
surreptitious keystroke logging capabilities and stealth transmission
of captured data to a predetermined Internet address monitored and
decoded by the Codex D.I.R.T. Command Center Software. Physical
access to the target computer is NOT necessary.

Additional D.I.R.T. features include:

* remote file access

* remote network file access (access other machines on a LAN)

* remote system management (run remotely, registry edit, etc.)

* real time capture (show keys as they are typed)

* remote screen capture

* remote audio capture (if they have a microphone attached)


D.I.R.T. is similar to an eavesdropping device. Instead of placing
hardware inside the target's computer that would necessitate physical
access, investigators electronically place hidden software via the
Internet that monitors the target PC, safely, securely and by stealth
from a listening post anywhere in the world. D.I.R.T. Command Center
software can simultaneously monitor multiple cases.

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