~e; corridors of e-power

From bc <human@electronetwork.org>
Date Sun, 3 Mar 2002 23:10:41 -0600

  for those of you who are online within
roughly 10-12 to 24 hours of this post,
you can see an image from Brad Brace's
12hr ISBN project which shows what a
major powerline corridor (right of way)
looks like. some of these are intra-state
and some interstate, and some interregion
and others internation and international.

click the link and it should download in browser.
else cut-and-paste of the URL in a web browser.

  what was dramatic about the one corridor i
  saw was that it was over water, and the lines
  seemed to be coming from a hill across the water.
  it is in Crocker or Crocket, N.California. about 1/2
  hour or so from the Bay Area, maybe an hour at most.
  it seems there was a famous baseball player who was
  well known there, not sure if it was Joe Dimaggio or
  someone else (as he is honored in SF so not sure if it
  is him or someone else. the ratpack era, possibly.)

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