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  hi Paul, right on. it always seemed that the perfectly good computers
  which had to be trashed to keep up with software and hardware 'inno-
  vations' left behind so much potential, that could and should be tapped.
  and it is great to see that these computers are not running DOS by MS
  or System 7 by Apple, and given to people, but a version of Linux which
  is (in my view) the real liberator, as otherwise, without a modern OS,
  that can be upgraded and has a future, is still going to be useless junk.

  the idea of ecology seems to fit computing, in that some things do break,
  and do need to be put away for good, and do contain toxins and whatnot,
  but some others are perfectly good, in working order, just too limited,
  and Linux-based solutions are opening up a whole new area for a 'free'
  resource, which many have to 'pay' to dispose of (because of a lack of
  a plan for dealing with the product lifecycle). thanks for the info. and i
  hope more and more computer re-use/source centers will be blooming
  all over the technological landscape. brian

>Mr Carroll,
>For the alternative, see California's largest nonprofit computer 
>recycling center, also largest donor of computer equipment to Cuba,
>check out
>Keep up the excellent work on this important project,
>Paul Fenn
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