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Date Wed, 20 Feb 2002 00:34:15 -0600
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  hi R. i am not sure i grasp the rest of my argument either,
  to be honest. one part, the first, about sound and water,
  which i've previously heard/read about submarine comm-
  unications, and how underwater/stealth vessels would once
  upon a time need to surface in order to transmit their info/
  get orders, through a system of buoys and satellites and
  land and ship based transmitters.

  the second, even more abstract part, from my vantage, was
  an extrapolation of what is to me a mysterious aspect of EM,
  how it has unique characteristics that need to be explored to
  be understood, or something along those lines of reasoning...

  as for the rest, the idea of dual-use in the missile defense
  and roadkill technology, as a type of understanding brought
  about by another previous technological storytelling (such
  as the smoke detector and radioactivity), by way of the idea
  of mystery and learning about these sometimes mysterious
  artifacts, such as with amberstone, which heralded in much
  of the knowledge, first-person and scientific inquirty into
  the electron, which is the greek name for amber. something
  about stories, mysteries, knowing and not knowing, magic,
  learning, and also the possibility of being duped all along.bc

>  >
>>    good point. which made me wonder if sound can be 'heard'
>>    in the void of space, which for some reason i think it can-
>>    not,
>Sound is compression waves in matter; there being, literally, nothing
>to transmit it in the vacuum of space, your intuition is correct.  I'm
>not sure I grasp the rest of your argument, though.

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