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  good point. which made me wonder if sound can be 'heard'
  in the void of space, which for some reason i think it can-
  not, much like radio waves not being able to travel through
  ocean water, or something similar. but who knows, in the
  testing of theories in space-environments and zero-gravity,
  everything from painting to gardening to mass production to
  music and painting have been explored in some way to see if
  there is a change in the nature of the artifact. now i wonder
  if anything (besides ultra-pure silicon and special organisms)
  has been brought back from outer/near-space that is basic in
  its nature, like a whistle, that has been changed fundamentally.
  all i can think of, is, well, energy things and material-science
  examples, like titanium, i imagine, for the heat-reentry and
  also fuel-cells and nuclear engines for getting things about in
  stellar sprint-distances. the odd thing is, as far as i can re-
  member, there seems to be quiet a fascinating genealogy (sp)
  which connects everyday items (Iike a smoke detector) with
  earlier epic discoveries in the physical sciences (like the decay
  of the atom and its structure, for example, which is incorporated
  into the smoke detector). maybe something like the LED is also a
  remnant of some utility for the greatest stretches of technology
  (in the frontier-journey of mythology, as has been pointed out).

>what about 75c deer-whistles?  /:b

  the odd thing, for me at least, was that i went into an amber
  store and had a conversation with the owner about this 'rock',
  and asked about its electromagnetic properties, about the amber
  trails of the ancient world of trade, and the famous amber rooms.
  then the whole dimension of amber as a valued gemstone was told
  first person, by a curator of the stories and knowledge, and had
  opened up a whole new view of the story of Thales of Miletus who
  wrote about amber 2500 years ago and its EM properties. from a
  person who read the treatise, the owner said the text was titled
  in regard to amber, not EM, and went on and on about ideas never
  encountered in books about the cultural complexity of such a stone
  of mysterious nature. what was learned was mutlifold, but one of
  the more intriguing aspects was that the value of the amber was
  based on personal understanding, and not on monetary or market
  value, in today's sense. meaning that, value was by meaning, and
  a piece of amber that was within a family had more value and more
  beauty by that circumstance, than any old piece of amber which
  may have been beautiful but by appearance alone. i'm not sure this
  is the exact point, but it is what i imagined that was the point that
  was being transmitted. also, the use of amber in health, and in the
  spiritual nature of things. and also, that amber is not just part of
  the process of a tree spewing out sap to fossilize, but there are
  'amber trees' that are part of the 30 million year old process in
  creating amber. and, moreover, amber is not just orange and yellow,
  but also can be opaque, white, and other colors. so a grand mysticism
  exists around this rock, simple as it may be, yet it is tied in with
  mythes such as that of Zeus and brings many cultures to bear in
  its wideranging relevance in the past, and dilluted present-future.

  the connection between a deerwhistle and missile tech, and amber
  and cultural meaning, is that somewhere there is comparable info
  about the civilization in which it arises, and even a myth of how
  such things operate, function, and-or a real magical black-box
  aspect, a technology somewhere between the virtuality of the
  old-world mind and new, and the artifice and nature inbetween.bc

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