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>Now that Enron is under federal investigation for
>massive corruption and likely criminal conspiracy,
>could you provide a review of Enron's suspected
>harassment of you and your Web sites?
>It could be that you were a bellweather victim of
>Enron's attempt to hide its criminal scheme, not
>least of which was its chairman's longtime friendship
>with George W. Bush.
>You might get a chance to tell about your experiences
>to a federal grand jury if not congress. Crank up your
>design of energy expose. That should help call attention to
>the hidden face of warmongering on the homeland.

  hi John, I am in an ethical dilemma pondering how to reply
  to your query of my experiences, for several reasons. first
  being that I fear for my personal health and safety, neither
  of which are improving, and do not want to provoke further
  problems. second, it is in my view dangerous to speak as I
  have exercised my Constitutional Rights to no avail. that is,
  I am but one individual and have no support, supporters, nor
  legal protection, and am an easy target, should that be some-
  one's goal. third, there is no certainty but only substantial
  evidence that something surreptitious (sp) is now underway in
  the United States of America, which I do not want to become a
  martyr for, as I would rather continue my research within a
  peaceful environment, and let the world go to hell while all
  who do not want to believe or participate in addressing the
  needs of cooperative change, continue on their mindflights
  from what is overly evident in the local and global setting.

  such things have not stopped me in the past, due to both my
  naive belief in public good, and my stupidty in pursuing things
  deemed illegitimate, to one's own demise. but what the hell....

  weirdness, if I had to roughly date it, would have started
  sometime during the 2000 elections, when writing of Enron's
  role in the US Presidential Elections, their advertisements
  on television in California, while I was living there, and
  also an opportunity I received from 2G magazine to further
  my ideas on a previous thesis, the Architecture of Electricity,
  (1) for a special issue of their magazine on Architecture and
  Energy, (2) of which the essay Seeing Cyberspace: the Electrical
  Infrastructure is Architecture was published roughly in late
  July 2001, in print, and an expanded version online. (3)

  [1. http://www.electronetwork.org/works/ae/ ]
  [2. http://www.ggili.com/index_2G_eng.htm in Nexus section ]
  [3. http://www.electronetwork.org/works/seeing/ ]

  basically what I began to notice was increasingly my computer
  would act strange after posting messages to forums about such
  issues as energy, politics, and architecture. my e-mail would
  not download, at times, and two lists I was hosting were taken
  over at Topica.com and I was unable to send posts to the lists
  I had created and moderated. when I tried to send to these lists,
  one for the architexturez.com project, and the other for the
  electricity-list (4), my IP was banned from administrative
  access to the lists, and also, my Internet Outlook e-mail
  client would send an error message, the equivalent of "Stop
  your fucking Spamming! Error Sending". or something near
  to that language. my IP was blackholed and I could not even
  send e-mail to Topica about the problem, in order to fix it.
  so two lists had to be shut down and moved and restarted at
  new locations, the architexturez-list at Anand Bhatt's site,
  ab-a.net, and the other list, renamed the electronetwork-list,
  at openflows.org. (5)

  [4. archives: http://www.topica.com/lists/electricity-l/read ]
  [5. http://archives.openflows.org/electronetwork-l/ ]

  during the time period between Spring and Summer 2001, while
  I was working on the Seeing Cyberspace essay, which I had sent
  to 2G for review, I was also working on creating a new website,
  electronetwork.org, (6) which was a new research endeavor to
  bring together various disciplines organized around the content,
  that is, electromagnetism, and not the form or medium, such as
  I had in the past with architecture. as I began to do my work
  I would find trouble with my computer, and my caller-ID would
  show numbers I would trace back to a private investigator in
  California, I would have repeated hang-up phone calls, people
  would stand outside my apartment window across the street just
  staring up into my window, and I would both receive Spam that
  was not spam, and also found that private e-mails I had sent
  had been referred to by 'unknowns' on lists I frequent.

  [6. http://www.electronetwork.org/ ]

  What I can and will say, albeit delicately, is this....

  the work in question, both the electronetwork.org website and
  the Seeing Cyberspace essay, were a challenge to an outdated
  paradigm of 'national security' based on an architectural and
  cultural analysis of the role of energy in today's society,
  and the reasons for why energy policy does not change in the USA.
  there were many visitors to the domain that are not your average
  variety of people wanting to question the role of energy in the
  world, and its entrenched influence, and need for change. I had
  felt a threat of losing all of my data, which I eventually did,
  and had sent out a series of 'maps' for the online version of
  the Seeing Cyberspace essay, and a polemic about the need for
  a change in policy, that is, to make it a public policy that
  addresses blatantly ignored but desparately needed changes in
  the way we approach energy issues, and, a call for the academic
  community and others, public and private, to work together to
  bring the public into the energy debate (that never was). I sent
  electronic maps to Cryptome.org as a precaution, in case the site
  was shut down, and decided to e-mail as many journalists and
  people in government to try to make the goals of the project
  known, as it felt that censorship was looming nearby. (7) these
  maps were later incorporated into the online version of the
  Seeing Cyberspace essay and also were spun-off into a project
  about Public Energy Policy (PEN), comparing an industrial model
  of power that is in use today, with a more democratic model. (8)

  [7. infographics: http://www.electronetwork.org/works/seeing/versions/
  & http://www.electronetwork.org/works/seeing/photos/diagrams/map2b.gif ]
  [8. http://www.electronetwork.org/works/pen/ ]

  I was able to get the electronetwork.org, PEN, and Seeing Cyberspace
  projects online, only then to have more computer problems, whereby
  my website was hacked, which I had suspected before, my e-mail was
  overtly being read after I would post anything online, and also my
  website was defaced by a 'hacker', when putting up certain material.
  the odd thing about this hack, psychodemographically, is that it was
  not a political statement, it just made content at the electronetwork
  website inaccessible and also put up a strange image, seemingly like
  clip-art, saying 'home', in place of work shown in the features section
  of the website. (9) this image can be seen in the log for the site. (10)

  [9. http://www.electronetwork.org/features/ ]
  [10. http://www.electronetwork.org/log/  see: welcome hack]

  now, during this time visitors to the website which was never publicly
  launched included about every sector of the military establishment, and
  also many an Administrations Corporate funders, including Halliburton
  Oil, Enron, and others. it baffled me that a Submarine Command would
  be visiting electronetwork.org, or the US Pacific Fleet, or the Dept.
  of Defense, on work hours. that and many a defense contractor, and
  even a police organization in NYC about drug trafficking. already
  more than worried, my computer was at some point attacked aggressively
  enough that it was destabalized from working. that is, hardware was
  corrupted, and reformatting drives did not solve problems. then upon
  further investigation, dirt seemed everywhere, as even my PDA would
  be corrupted, my zip disks holding some archives and e-mail was all
  malfunctioning, and I lost a lot of data and eventually, I could no
  longer use my computer to continue working on, as my virus scanning
  software would be turned off remotely, my screen resolution changed
  before my eyes, and even phone conversations, it seemed, were some-
  how being referenced in more online public forums, as if I was being
  looked after by some unfriendlies. never having composure, but trying
  to keep sane enough to continue my work, it was one night when I went
  out for a cigarette outside my building at midnight or so, and a
  section of the website I was trying to develop was, by the next
  morning, visited by none other than the vacant building once occopied
  by a certain bank. when I was outside, for some reason, I looked at
  this signage, and when I awoke, this company from NYC had visited my
  unpublished portion of my website. then I had had enough and concluded
  that I was being physically surveilled as well as online. someone or
  something was letting me know I was being watched. and, paranoia at
  that point was justified. the odd thing was, previous events such as
  when I would post to the Nettime-List, would be followed the next day,
  several times, by a military person with clipboard going up and down
  the block below my apartment, seemingly surveying business owners. I
  never wanted to imagine, and could never prove that this was related,
  but everytime I wrote something, never on a schedule, but with a theme
  related to my work, peole with badges and uniforms would be around.
  the uniformed officer did not fit the demographic of the base that
  had closed years earlier on the island, and it did not make sense
  that anyone of their branch of the military would be in town, nor
  regularly. so I became a bit suspicious of such correlations. as
  the overwhelming feeling I was getting was 'be afraid, be very afraid'
  and to stop what I was doing. nobody outright said this to me, but
  when the most frequent visitors to my website include intelligence
  and corporate energy companies, most based in Texas it should be
  noted, it began to scare me to what extent power could be wielded
  in a privatized governmental agenda.

  wanting to visit elsewhere, to pursue my work, and to have opportunities
  that the USA is not able to concede are needed, nor wanted, I left town
  but before doing so, wrote an autobiography of my work, and my experience
  in this country, as, being a citizen, I felt a foreigner, pursuing ideas
  that work to enhance such issues as national security around energy and
  also to help in whatever ways I can to help raise awareness of the roles
  of energy, and electromagnetism in particular, in founding our present-
  day culture. the Autobiography of Madness was sent to Cryptome before
  I left and as things unravelled on my trip, I requested it be published
  as I had run out of options with my work. (11) In Canada I contacted a
  US Consulate to state my intentions for my work and to indicate in a
  high-enough bureacratic structure, that something very dire was going
  on at home, and I did not feel safe. one may think it all an illusion,
  or delusion of grandeur, or whatnot, but as a human being, returning
  back to California, to hear that my neighbor's car was towed from the
  parking lot one night I was out of town, and that they believed I was
  home as they heard doors or cabinets opening and shutting and even the
  meow of a cat inside my apartment, only to be surprised two days or so
  later when I arrived back at my apartment to hear that it seemed very
  likely someone had been inside my place, but left no visible signs.

  [11. Automadness: http://www.electronetwork.org/works/automadness/ ]

  I assumed my computer was tapped via hardware and-or software and at
  that point, if I remember correctly, I stopped using PGP as it seemed
  a futile game, trying to protect one's privacy and constitutional and
  human rights, such as freedom of thought, and public representation,
  neither of which I have experienced for years. I sent e-mails to many
  politicians and news organizations, online and offline, and no one at
  the city, state, federal, nor international levels would assist in my
  safety through public awareness. so too, no human rights groups would
  assist in a case where I was denied my rights and under severe duress,
  my work computer was destroyed, I had to quit my job, my public income
  was held up by bureaucratic 'lost paperwork', and ultimately, due to
  the feeling of insecurity, I had to move from California back to my
  relatives, as I had no where else to go. no support in the USA for
  my work, no way to continue without fear of direct reprisal (which
  was new, as sooner or later indirect reprisal doesn't always work.)
  leaving Calfornia, a state in the nation in a Power-Crisis that
  wasn't, and remembering that this fourth of July, the gas prices
  were the lowest they were all year, just didn't get my heart beating
  a patriotic chord. and soon enough, all hellfire was found on Sept 11th
  and I am very wary of saying anything, as my work and my experience
  has been terrifying enough for me, and I do not want to make the
  situation any worse. and, no, I do not believe it can get any better
  on the whole, the way things are going. I dissent the Administration's
  energy policy as it is the greatest threat to our National Security,
  homeland included. yet have not had the voice to write with, as I
  live in a state of total fear and alienation, and do not believe
  that any court in this Country would prosecute the energy industry,
  especially with its connections to US Foreign Policy and also to
  Private friendships and business connections in the US Administration.

  as I wrote in the Seeing Cyberspace essay online, what is holding back
  change are the entrenched special interests in industry, in government,
  and in the intelligence services that continue to believe the world
  works as it did in the Industrial Era. things have changed, and yet,
  the system we have inherited, and that they are bound to protect, is
  non-democratic in the extreme, should it become all powerful. if one
  looks at the Cabinet, and the issues that are not in the daily papers
  but in the peripheries, such that Bin Laden wants oil prices to rise
  to 300.00/barrel, i think it is in our National and International
  Security to do two things. Proactively address a decentralized, multi-
  diversified energy policy which enables industry changes, including
  that of Enron, and also, to fight terror with freedoms and not with
  a clampdown on security, as the world is not a steady-state, unless
  it is attempted to become one, and as unbelievablely idiotic as that
  may seem, I believe the Industrial Power System and its authoritarian
  and totalitarian and even fascist tendancies are now well in place.

  no one will protect me, an individual, a no-name, this US Congress
  will not, not one of them addressed these issues when I contacted
  them. and I do not believe any trial would change the basic nature
  of what is now well underway. that is, the destruction of democracy,
  our common freedoms, and our future, as change is unable to occur
  in such a mentally oppressive environment for basic thought. I do
  wish well all those who believe this is a bump in the road, and I
  do believe that democracy can and must survive. and I do desire and
  will die for my belief that the United States still has a lot to
  offer the world, as an equal partner in its change. yet, this War
  on Terrorism, which is necessitated by many factors, is ignored
  in others more critical and more central to the question at hand.
  and when this bares its face, it will not be evil, but a truth
  that is kept from US Citizens about what is really at stake in
  this global chess game. it is time for this War to be one for
  Freedom, not Security alone, and for those who are oppressed
  on the homeland, to defend them and their Constitutional rights,
  and so too, to help transform places many have never seen, and
  give the dreams back to the people in the Middle East of all
  beliefs. but Oil and Power, Corrupution and Influence, Public
  Government and Private Business, are all needing to change the
  way things are perceived, and acted upon.

  I still do believe in the United States of America as more than
  an idea, a dream, a goal, but it has become an ideology, as has
  our National Security policy, and with 300 million lives and
  more (4+ billion) on the line, and with such a disrespect for
  knowledge and for making necessary changes, our whole society
  will collapse. and at this point, it seems more than probable.
  as individual freedoms have been discarded for the illusion
  of collective security from 'abnormal' democratic rights. and
  one can do nothing but dig their own grave, as I am sure others
  will be doing sooner or later. if US Energy Policy were to be
  able to change, to adapt, the outcome could also. but this has
  never been, and is still not, a Public Policy. it is an inside
  deal, beyond the energy sector, and into the deepest pockets
  of finance, military strength, and a lack of knowledge of how
  the world has changed from the traditional model. I do not
  believe that this current geopolitical action will do anything
  to promote security, as it ignores the crown jewels of our
  electromagnetic society, as there is no knowledge of it, and
  no way to communicate about it, as it has been held back to
  keep traditional power structures intact. as much as it is
  energy companies, it is educational institutions, it is an
  entire cultural order that is in denial of its own lifeblood.

  people will kill for this 'secret' to stay secret, I am sure.
  but truth doesn't work that way, especially on a mass scale.
  while Enron may have enormous influence, it is only the very
  tip of an iceburg related to energy-influence and its role
  as a critical system in our civilization. until we, as people,
  are able to discuss it, to think about it, to find new ways
  to approach it, we are left with the old system to blame and
  compete with and against. and it is only a losing battle, and
  may already have been lost, due to apathy and complacency and
  a simple life in a very complex world, where freedoms are a
  secondary issue to keeping things the way they once were, in
  a fiction represented as fact. if I go down, I hope others
  will rise to the ocassion, as much as the opportunists in
  this ancient grab for power, and fight with their minds,
  with their intelligence, through peaceful and educational
  methods, to transform a bad situation into an opporuntity.

  what is there to testify to, except silence. except isolation,
  except alientation, except indifference, except closed systems,
  except a society without truth, thought, nor philosophy. I am
  ashamed, yet this land is good land, this nature, and from the
  scurrying of animals and the howling winds above, there is a
  movement, giving chills down the spine, that there is still
  wilderness in this country of the mind, in this part of the
  world, something to contribute and to confess, and to grow
  up into a place respected for its best virtues and its people's
  ability to continue on, despite working against all odds. but
  it takes a plurality. a group, when working with bureacratic
  democracy. and no trial judge, no matter how supreme they
  may be, are still a legal bureaucracy, our heads are already
  all lopped off. so, that's one person's viewpoint, a US citizen,
  but rather, a citizen of the world, a human, and wishing beyond
  all else, that somehow what is now underway can be steered to
  a better course. unfortunately, that is 180 degrees from where
  we are heading on this ship of world governance.

  truth is not if it is held secondary to power. it is propaganda.


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