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  [this news is a hopeful sign that new interpretations of old events
  will include EM effects in their modeling, and understanding...]

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>Subject:      CELLS AND FIELDS
>I draw your attention to a new book referred to in *Science* as "an eloquent
>and accessible statement of a heresy that has smoldered at the fringe of
>orthodox biology for about 30 years."
>The book is about cell function-from the viewpoint of an electrical
>engineer.  Based upon a new unifying gel theory, the material impacts our
>understanding of biological systems at virtually all levels.   It begins
>from simple fundamentals of chemistry and physics.  From there, it builds a
>broad framework of understanding.
>The book provides fresh insights into many electrical aspects of cell
>function.  It explains long-range effects that extend far from the cell.
>And, it provides a new basis for understanding how electromagnetic fields
>could impact the cell.  The conclusions are fresh and unorthodox.
>I would be happy to provide more information about the subject matter
>(ghp@u.washington.edu); or, if you wish, have a look at "Cells, Gels and the
>Engines of Life," read the first chapter, check a long list of editorial
>comments, and even purchase the book on line at: www.cellsandgels.com.
>I welcome your thoughts, comments, and feedback.
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