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From brian carroll <human@electronetwork.org>
Date Wed, 24 Oct 2001 21:04:09 -0600
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  hi Randolph, thanks for the info about different types
  of routers. i always have wondered about early internet I
  backbones, and their relation to supercomputer centers, if
  there was any correlation other than bandwidth connections
  between them (probably not complex routing if few clients
  i imagine). what sparked my mind was, if memory serves, that
  routers had souped-up computer processors or massive memory
  or some automatic technology which was quite advanced. have
  read about fiber optics in relation to electrons, where it
  seems 'switching' is taking place, but i never have a sense
  of how these things relate, if they are more of the future
  (and the big bandwidth, and internet II) or if it is being
  used now in directing internet I traffic, or just voice,
  or just private data networks. having no idea, it seems
  very mysterious. have been procrastinating going to the
  howstuffworks.org site and finding out more about this
  via a good graphic description. here's the url which i'll
  be reading to find out more....

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