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From brian carroll <human@electronetwork.org>
Date Tue, 11 Sep 2001 18:00:49 -0800

  a message related to electromagnetic culture in relation
  to today's horrific events, which most all grieve, and to
  send condolensces to those directly and indirectly affected
  by the events of 9/11/2001. hoping for peaceful transformation
  of a situation ushering in a world of chaotic wars in the still
  present nuclear era... should all hell break loose.

  1- stratfor.com, which has some of the best coverage and unique
  analysis comments on the impact to the financial markets due
  to the attacks on the world trade center buildings in NYC. a
  cascading of degrading stock markets and exchanges, shutting
  down and losing value, across the globe. much related to the
  speed of light/EM exchange of money (as energy, as information).

  2- drudgereport.com, has been documenting rising gas prices in
  the US, another economic keystone in the electromagnetic economy,
  without it, much of the infrastructure is rendered useless. it
  is something to watch, at least, should things unfold further,
  as $5/gallon prices were noted in a few areas, said to be
  gouging by some, but given difficulties with supplies or
  geopolitical differences, could also impact the infrastructure,
  and the economic and social structure which requires it to run.

  one issue, besides 'war' which is being discussed, is 'policy',
  and at a moment like this, and with the progression of further
  events to respond to the terrorist attack on the US, could
  further destabilize the electromagnetic infrastructure if
  policy is that of previous years and eras. as was learned
  in 1970, an oil spike in prices or embargo or some disruption
  in this basic resource could stop everything.

  thus, this is one reason the word 'peace' and policy are often
  heard together, as a different strategy to today's problems.
  especially with the interweaving and interlacing of all that
  is electromagnetic, it seems that a sustainable policy for
  energy could proactively and retroactively deal with some
  of what faces us, as a world of humans, today.

  my hope is that there will be more questions than answers,
  as the complexity is immense, and if pursued too simply, it
  is predictable that chaos will rule, and wars will rage...

  ...unless there is change, through policy, through peace...

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