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  {searching w/google for examples of multidisciplinary
  approaches to electromagnetism. some very interesting
  links in the archaeology searches, for example, where
  papers exist detailing the use of EM techniques since
  the 1940s which use electricity and magnetic methods
  to understand the past in the present. so too, example
  of how discplines cross, as archaeologists use tools
  of geophysicists, and many disciplines, for example,
  are using GIS and GPS systems, where something like
  urban/regional planning, environmental studies, and
  transportation or many other departments may also use.
  this was unearthed in the electronic digging, and is
  a real find, in that the work, a play about energy,
  presents energy from a cultural perspective, to round
  out the scientific-technological side with a more human
  understanding of the other unsaid dimensions of energy...)

Energy, a love story
An original play by Richard Lowenberg


Act I - Electricity
Eugenia Collins, 108 years old, recalls her childhood in Telluride; 
the events and people that shaped this community 100 years ago. The 
pioneers of power re-enact the AC/DC Wars.

Act II - Oil
Persian Love Song:
The Persian poet recites the love poems of Rumi, in Farsi, as the 
narrator recounts the political events that shaped the history of oil 
in the Gulf Region in the first half of this century.

Act III - Entropy
The play gains complexity as we address contemporary life on earth. 
Enviromental impacts and increasing population weigh in the balance, 
as humanity searches for an ecology of mind.

.. . . . .   .  ..  ..    . . . . ....  ..   ..  ... . . . . . . .
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