From brian carroll <human@electronetwork.org>
Date Wed, 18 Jul 2001 12:42:59 -0800
Cc terry.buckley@doj.ca.gov, engebred@NCR.DISA.MIL

  hi ~e-list, things are rather bad lately and my computer,
  being broken, has made it difficult to write and work, and
  the electronetwork.org project has been put on temporary
  hold, i hope, until i can regroup, find a new computer
  and get support from others, in collaboration. given the
  nature of the Seeing Cyberspace essay, i have had many
  interesting institutional visitors, public and private,
  and my system is being pinged and portscanned and attempts
  made at ftp access and other things, along with other weird
  abberrations. i am making two visitors public, as i imagine
  they are 'at work' while visiting the Seeing Cyberspace site,
  and would like others to know that very many major Defense
  and Intel departments have been accessing the project site.
  this is not necessarilly a bad thing, but it does not do
  much for a person's health, when because of their ideas they
  are locked out of the educational system, and whatnot. if
  only there could be structural changes in the system at
  large, where collaborative democratic action could be
  taken, in a shared endeavor, rather than the current
  logic of either this or that system going forward...
  a transformation is needed. one way is war, another
  is not war. i hope others will stand by this call to
  change the way things are being done, to better reflect
  the human and public interest. please consider helping
  electronetwork.org in its public mission. it is now the
  work of one individual, whom is not doing so well, and
  needs some assistance to keep this thing alive and in
  a responsible but challenging strategy for change and
  transformation, which we could do together, if we want.
  more info will follow, about my particular case, as
  things are rather serious now. more info to follow...

California Department of Justice (NET-HDCDOJNET)
    4949 Broadway
    Sacramento, CA 95820

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       (916) 227-3122 (FAX) (916) 227-2932

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Defense Information Systems Agency (NET-MILNET)
    DISA /D343
    11440 Isaac Newton Square
    Reston, VA 22090-5087

    Netname: MILNET
    Netblock: -
    Maintainer: DNIC

       Engebretson, Douglas  (DE564-ARIN)  engebred@NCR.DISA.MIL
       (703) 735-8065

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