Fwd: roll your own blackout!

From brian carroll <human@electronetwork.org>
Date Thu, 7 Jun 2001 09:41:48 -0800

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>>  from Sj and others:

>>>JUNE 21, 2001 THURS EVE, 7-10 pm worldwide, all time
>>>George W. Bush's proposed budget cuts 50% from the
>>>already meager
>>>renewable fuels research programs, and adds a big
>>>line item for "clean" coal research grants.  Turns out
>>>that the coal
>>>industry bosses included some "pioneers" for George W.
>>>who gave up to $200,000 each in early money to the
>>>The "Roll Your Own Blackout" should be a pleasant way
>>>to spend a summer
>>>evening.  What a gentle way to protest!
>>>In protest of George W. Bush's energy policies and
>>>lack of emphasis on
>>>efficiency, conservation and alternative fuels, there
>>>will be a voluntary rolling blackout on the first day
>>>of summer, June
>>>from 7pm
>>>- 10pm in any time zone (thus it will roll across the
>>>Its a simple protest and a symbolic act.  Turn out
>>>your lights from
>>>7pm-10pm on June 21.  Unplug whatever you can unplug
>>>in your house.  Light a candle, kiss and tell, tell
>>>ghost stories, do
>>>something instead of  watching television, have fun in
>>>Forward this email as widely as possible.  Let them
>>>know we want global
>>>education, participation and funding in
>>>conservation, efficiency and alternative fuel efforts
>>>-- and an end to
>>>over exploitation and misuse of the earth's resources.

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