the welcome hack

From brian carroll <>
Date Wed, 6 Jun 2001 12:58:33 -0800

  hi everyone. for your info, the site
  was hacked after sending out maps for the
  upcoming 'seeing cyberspace' project. i had
  to stop all work and deal with the situation,
  which was pretty innocuous looking, in that
  it was just a 'home.gif' graphic of the word
  'home', like out of a bad clip art collection,
  replacing the Features section of the website
  where all of the original content was/is. there
  have been instances where i thought my website
  had been compromised, but there was little
  physical evidence. this being my first such
  encounter, i forgot to take a screenshot but
  i did download the .gif file which was named
  as index2.htm. so, i take this as a 'welcome
  hack', sadly missing any kind of statement
  from the person or people as to why they would
  do this, without giving a reason, but i will
  keep my analyses to myself. had to start over
  with my computer, and in the process lost all
  information i had stored in bookmarks for
  filling out the links directory, which was
  hundreds of links. i am also going to be
  using PGP encryption for private communications
  when needed, not because i'm hiding anything,
  but because i don't think anyone has the right
  to read my personal correspondence without my
  knowing about it, or being able to stop it.
  thus, i was unable to write that for those in
  the US last night there was a Frontline TV
  documentary on Public television (PBS), which
  was called Blackout or something such, about
  the California deregulation fiasco. i turned
  on the tv at 10pm but instead there was that
  2 hour commercial, cum infoshow, for speciality
  glass making, and so i wonder if it was shown
  or not. i lost all of my info in my inbox and
  outboxes, so the messages i was hoping to get
  to are now in the atmosphere of memories...
  oddly enough, one of the most active visitors
  to has been, so we welcome
  them, & wonder if they are welcoming us too.

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