CSG news update -- 2007-10-07

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China Study Group news update

China says it's in midway of industrialization
People's Daily Online | 2007-10-06
China's National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) said that over the past five years China's industrial economy has been developing in a healthy, fast and steady way amid structural adjustment, and the country is in the midway of industrialization.  In its latest report, the NBS said that since ...

China's Two Li's: Frontrunners in the Race to Succeed Hu Jintao
China Leadership Monitor | 2007-10-06
Cheng Li
Several rising stars in the new generation of Chinese leaders will likely bound into the political limelight at the upcoming 17th National Congress of the Chinese Communist Party. Although Hu Jintao is almost certain to hold the top leadership post in the Party for a second term, the race to succeed...

Beijing Prepares to Convene the 17th Party Congress
China Leadership Monitor | 2007-10-06
Alice L. Miller
A meeting of the Chinese Communist Party Politburo at the end of August scheduled the convocation of the party Central Committee's Seventh Plenum and proposed a date for the opening of the Party's 17th National Congress later this fall. Preparations for Party congresses preoccupy the top Par...

China Anxiously Faces a Future of Rising Prices
China Leadership Monitor | 2007-10-06
Barry Naughton
Inflationary pressures have been building in China for the last year, and they erupted into the open in July. Policymakers have responded strongly, and the issue has taken center stage. After recounting current events, this article examines the economic background and implications of the recent chan...

In China, a Green Awakening
Washington Post | 2007-10-06
Ariana Eunjung Cha
WUXI, China -- One morning this summer, residents of this eastern city awoke to find that their beloved Tai Lake had turned rancid. The water was filled with a bloom of blue-green algae that gave off a rotten smell. It was not only undrinkable; it was untouchable. Few living things stirred in the wa...

China's Leaders Deadlocked Over Succession
New York Times | 2007-10-05
BEIJING, Oct. 4  Just days away from a major leadership reshuffle, China's Communist Party bosses remain deadlocked over who should sit on the ruling Politburo Standing Committee and who should be anointed to succeed President Hu Jintao as China's No. 1 leader five years from now, par...

China's party congress: getting serious
Open Democracy | 2007-10-05
Kerry Brown
The "seventeenth national party congress" in the People's Republic of China (PRC) hardly sounds like an event that merits frontpage headlines far outside Beijing. Nor, on past precedents, will the gathering in the Great Hall of the People on 15-19 October 2007 see much in the way of visible dram...

 Reorienting the 17th Party Congress: Boosting Unity and Thwarting Taiwan
China Brief | 2007-10-03
Willy Lam
Nearly overnight, the focus of the 17th Chinese Communist Party (CCP) Congress has shifted from the debate regarding Chinese political and economic reform to the promotion of internal party unity and the combating of Taiwan's proposed referendum. This change has come about due to increasing conc...

China reshuffle sends message to Taiwan
Asia TImes | 2007-10-01
Fong Tak-ho 
HONG KONG - In the run-up to the all-important 17th National Congress of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), which is expected to endorse a new central leadership headed by President Hu Jintao, Beijing has recently also reshuffled the top brass of the People's Liberation Army (PLA) with younger o...