CSG news update -- 2007-09-11

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China Study Group news update

Thomas Friedman gets the middle finger in the Middle Kingdom
Reconversation | 2007-09-10
Rebecca MacKinnon
  It's not every day that you get to sit and watch a senior Chinese diplomat rip Thomas Friedman "a new one" (as we say in American colloquial parlance) as all the Chinese members of the audience cheer him on. But on Friday morning in a panel discussion titled  "China's Soft Power" that&#3...

Study sessions reflect "scientific and democratic policy-making" in China
People's Daily Online | 2007-09-10
Five years ago, two months after the 16th National Congress of the Communist Party of China (CPC) ushered in the party's new leadership, more than 20 of the party's top decision makers began to receive lectures from experts in subjects varying from the global economy and regional security to...

No Threat of Foreign Monopoly in Any Industry: Report
China Daily | 2007-09-10
The country does not face an imminent risk of monopoly by foreign companies in any industry, according to the China Foreign Investment Report 2007 released by the Ministry of Commerce.  Wang Zhile, director of the Multinational Enterprise Research Center affiliated to the Ministry of Commerce, mad...

 Intel breaks ground on $2.5 billion chip plant in China
Info World | 2007-09-10
Steven Schwankert
 San Francisco (IDGNS) - Intel broke ground on a new $2.5 billion chip plant in the northeast China city of Dalian on Saturday, with production expected to begin in 2010. ADVERTISEMENT  The chip plant, called Fab 68, will make chipsets, not microprocessors, when it begins production. It will use ...

 In pure Arctic air, signs of China's economic boom
Reuters | 2007-09-10
Alister Doyle
 ZEPPELIN MOUNTAIN, Norway (Reuters) - From a remote snowcapped mountain in the European Arctic you can detect China in the haze.   In the apparently pure Arctic air, a research station on a Norwegian island mountain ridge finds tiny chemical traces from factories in Russia, pesticides in Israel ...

 China lauds Hu over APEC performance
AFP | 2007-09-10
 BEIJING (AFP)  President Hu Jintao significantly raised China's world diplomatic profile with a robust appearance at the Asia-Pacific summit, state media on Monday quoted his foreign minister as saying.  Hu, who seeks to cement his leadership of China at a key Community Party meeting n...

Policy Changes to Back Outbound Investment
Xinhua | 2007-09-09
China will unveil financial policies changes to support overseas investment of domestic companies, Zhou Xiaochuan, governor of the People's Bank of China (PBoC), said Saturday.  The central bank will scrap unnecessary controls on foreign exchange reserves to fund local firms' outbound inve...

Chinese, Japanese Leaders Meet on Bilateral Ties
Xinhua | 2007-09-09
Chinese President Hu Jintao met in Sydney Saturday with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, to exchange views on bilateral ties, the nuclear issue on the Korean Peninsular and other issues of common concern.  The meeting took place on the sidelines of the 15th Economic Leaders Meeting of the Asia-...

The Tao of Junk
Slate | 2007-09-08
Daniel Gross
Economists make a big deal out of all the junk we import from China: tainted pet food, lead-laced toys, and enough cheap plastic tchotchkes to load up a landfill the size of Montana. And American industries are clearly being drenched by the rising tide of Chinese imports, which totaled $288 billion ...