CSG news update -- 2007-06-06

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Date Wed, 6 Jun 2007 02:00:31 -0700

China Study Group news update

China: No More New Net Cafes in 2007
Guardian | 2007-06-04
BEIJING (AP) - China will license no new Internet cafes this year while regulators carry out an industry-wide inspection amid official concern that online material is harming young people, the government said.  Investigators will look into whether Internet cafes are improperly renting out their li...

Rural China's suicide problem
BBC | 2007-06-04
Daniel Griffiths
China has one of the highest rates of female suicide in the world. And the problem is most acute in poor rural areas.  In his small home, deep in the poor mountainous north of China, Sun Jiangbao slowly lifts himself from his bed into his wheelchair. A recent mining accident left him paralysed fro...