CSG news update -- 2006-11-26

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Date Sun, 26 Nov 2006 02:00:32 -0800

China Study Group news update

China Reports Fraud in Fund for Elderly
New York Times | 2006-11-25
David Barboza
SHANGHAI, Nov. 24 — China said on Friday that a government audit found that more than $900 million was misappropriated from the nation's $37 billion social security fund in just the latest sweeping government fraud to be uncovered in the last two years.  The government did not announce a...

China to draft laws on pension fund management
China Daily | 2006-11-25
Wu Jiao
China will issue two laws to regulate the management of its social security funds in the wake of a number of scandals in the sector, according to officials from the Ministry of Labour and Social Security.  Along with the Social Security Law, which is currently being drafted, the Social Security Fu...

Chinese AIDS Activist Is Missing After Meeting With Police
AP | 2006-11-25
A prominent Chinese AIDS activist has gone missing after meeting with police, the activist's organization said Saturday, amid a suspected clampdown ahead of World AIDS Day.  Four police officers showed up at the Beijing offices of Aizhi, an AIDS advocacy group, on Friday morning and questioned...

Students Grow Desperate Over China's Tight Job Market
Washington Post | 2006-11-24
Edward Cody
ZHENGZHOU, China -- A tide of more than 30,000 students with polished résumés and high hopes surged into a job fair here so eager to meet with employers that they shattered four glass doors and splayed the side walls of an escalator in what became a near riot.  As the crowd of youths swelled out...

China Filling Void Left by West in U.N. Peacekeeping
Washington Post | 2006-11-24
Colum Lynch
UNITED NATIONS -- When African nations began urging the deployment of peacekeepers to Somalia in June to prop up its embattled government, an unlikely nation stepped forward to support their call for action: China, which had long been wary of such interventions by the United Nations.  China's ...

China's poorest worse off after boom
Financial Times
 | 2006-11-21
Richard McGregor
China's poor grew poorer at a time when the country was growing substantially wealthier, an analysis by World Bank economists has found.  The real income of the poorest 10 per cent of China's 1.3bn people fell by 2.4 per cent in the two years to 2003, the analysis showed, a period when the...

PBoC chief urges China deal with pension crisis
Financial Times | 2006-11-20
Richard McGregor 
China needs to urgently address the nation's looming pension and health care crises while the government still has the financial resources to tackle the issues, according to Zhou Xiaochuan, the head of the central bank.  Mr Zhou, governor of the People's Bank of China, called for the intro...