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Dear Brian

I read Chen Guidi's book in Chinese and published a review of it in the
China Journal.


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Does anyone have the full text of the following
article?  If so please email it or post it.  

China's disharmonious society
Oct 19th 2006 
The Economist print edition

It is the end of a good harvest for crab apples in
Dagucheng village, but the locals are not celebrating.
Even after the central government's decision to scrap
an ancient agricultural tax from this year, residents
of the village, in a poor quarter of Hebei province 50
miles (80km) north of Beijing, say they will be no
better off. A recent decision by the Communist Party
to build a socialist harmonious society, in which
peasants prosper and corruption fizzles, was met in
the village with scepticism...


Also, has anyone read the recent books 

_Will the Boat Sink the Water?: The Life of China's
Peasants_  by Chen Guidi


_Rightful Resistance in Rural China_ by Kevin O'Brien
and Li Lianjiang

I'm interested in knowing what if any info they have
about the employment of Maoist, socialist, CR rhetoric
or symbolism in their complaints or actions.  

O'Brien and Li had previously touched on this issue in

I recently had a chance to chat with Tony Saich
(Harvard) for 10 minutes when he was in Hanoi being
interviewed by VNese TV about China.  One of his two
current ongoing projects is a major rural public
opinion survey covering many regions.  In general, he
said he'd summarize the results as the lower the level
of government, the more negative the people's view is.
 The central government is regarded as distant and
irrelevant though.  This is similar to what Joshua
Muldavin mention based on early 1990s research, so
perhaps only the degree of this has changed in 13
years time.  

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