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2006-01-27  China Daily
RMB gets wider use across region

2006-01-27  People's Daily
HIV/AIDS in China: from high-risk groups to general population

2006-01-27  People's Daily
Chinese president calls for intensified efforts to boost rural development

2006-01-27  Financial Times
China plans slower stockpiling of forex to counter pressure over exchange rates

China consumes the most chips

2006-01-26  SCMP
Controls spell bad news for the media

2006-01-26  IOL
Zim students don't want to say 'howzit China'

2006-01-26  International Herald Tribune
Letter from China: China builds a new wall, and democracy hits it

2006-01-26  Reuters
China to 'strike hard' against rising unrest

2006-01-26  Washington Post
Too Fast in China?

2006-01-26  International Herald Tribune
China vs. India: A battle of ideas

2006-01-26  New York Times
 In Beijing, it's (boom!) New Year

No booze or jokes for Googlers in China

2006-01-26  Christian Science Monitor
In China: energy needs vs. mine safety

2006-01-26  Shenzhen Daily
Shanghai property bubble burst: UBS

2006-01-26  The Guardian
A new world order,,1694346,00.html

2006-01-26  New York Times
China Reports Another Year of Strong (or Even Better) Growth

2006-01-26  New York Times
North Korea Takes a Peek Down China's Capitalist Road

2006-01-26  AP
Chinese Editor Vows to Fight Censors

2006-01-25  Green Left Weekly
Growing grassroots initiatives to re-collectivise farming

2006-01-25  LA Times
China Finds Chemical Plants Pose Widespread Risk to Rivers,1,2657395.story

2006-01-25  Asia Times
Xinjiang and the revival of the Silk Road

2006-01-24  World Socialist Web Site
China's growing trade with Africa indicative of Sino-Western energy conflicts

2006-01-24  Beijing Review
Innovation Renaissance

2006-01-24  Asia Times
The dragon at Detroit's gate

2006-01-24  New York Times
In a Richer China, Billionaires Put Money on Marriage

2006-01-23  China Daily
SOE management given share approval

2006-01-23  LA Times
China Making Big Oil Moves,1,433491.story

2006-01-23  The Guardian
Western stars rising in the east,,1692498,00.html

2006-01-22  Time
The New Power in the Persian Gulf,13005,901060130-1151752,00.html

2006-01-21  The Guardian
Land seizures threaten social stability, warns China's leader,,1691804,00.html

2006-01-20  Mail and Guardian
A match made in Beijing

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