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2006-01-19  Reuters
China reports rise in public order disturbances

2006-01-18  New York Times
Chinese authorities come down hard on spreading protests

2006-01-18  International Herald Tribune
Kim's 8 days in China focus on its economy

2006-01-18  UPI
Journalists jailed for exposing land deals

2006-01-18  SCMP
Geisha film has censors stumped

2006-01-18  Asia Times
China's lure for young professionals

2006-01-18  China Daily
Unified corporate tax to balance interests

2006-01-18  LA Times
Pay No Attention to That Man From Behind the Iron Curtain,1,5806547.story

2006-01-18  Christian Science Monitor
New struggle in China: Keep up with the Chans

2006-01-17  AP
China keeping control of lenders

2006-01-17  Dow Jones
Inflow of hot money eases

2006-01-17  Xinhua
Gov't should keep control on state banks: Official

2006-01-17  The Age
Harnessing China's new capitalism

2006-01-17  China Daily
Personal savings hit record US$1.7 trillion

2006-01-17  The Guardian
Iran crisis talks expose west's split with China,7369,1688114,00.html

2006-01-17  International Herald Tribune
China sees foreign cash pile as possible peril

2006-01-16  The Standard
Guangdong growth price

2006-01-16  Dow Jones
Oil data fails to convince

2006-01-16  Xinhua
China plans to introduce US$60b foreign funds

2006-01-16  China Daily
New figures cast doubt on mine closures

2006-01-16  Financial Times
China's real progress against sellers of fakes

2006-01-16  Financial Times
Bank sale puts Chinese support of foreign investment to the test

2006-01-16  New York Times
With a Mogul's Touch, a Chinese Media Man Connects to the West

2006-01-16  New York Times
Girl, 13, Dies as Police Battle Chinese Villagers

2006-01-15  New York Times
The bottom drops out of a Chinese safety net

2006-01-12  The Economist
The long march to privacy

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