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2006-01-05  Japan Times
U.S.-China ideological rivalry heats up

2006-01-05  Reuters
China to divert river to dilute salt tide

2006-01-05  LA Times
Cantonese loses its voice

2006-01-05  Reuters
Polluters to pay as water firm wins river lawsuit

2006-01-05  AFP
Petitioners beaten and sent home, says rights group

2006-01-05  Bloomberg
Investment rules eased

2006-01-05  The Standard
State-owned firm set for largest Pudong Bank stake

2006-01-05  China Economic Net
World Bank's program encountering embarrassment

2006-01-05  China Daily
Mitsubishi could purchase stake in Chinese bank

2006-01-05  Financial Times
Beijing alarmed by spread of HIV

2006-01-05  China Daily
China closes 5,290 coal mine shafts

2006-01-04  UPI
China plans suburban towns for 5.7 million

2006-01-04  Asia Times
Take me home, Chinese roads

2006-01-04  Asia Pulse
Largest-ever wind power deal signed

2006-01-04  Asia Times
Risky business in China's west

2006-01-04  American Enterprise Institute
Don't Overestimate the Dragon's Power,filter.all/pub_detail.asp

2006-01-04  New York Times
Chill on China: Speculators trim bets on strong yuan

2006-01-04  Financial Times
China lacks resources to combat HIV/Aids

2006-01-04  Reuters
China overhauls data collection to ensure quality

2006-01-03  World Socialist Web Site
Market commentators cheer China's revised economic figures

2006-01-02  The Standard
Sick villagers left `helpless'

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