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2005-12-29  New York Times
Billionaire Builder of China

2005-12-29  International Herald Tribune
Japan and China take a collision course

2005-12-29  The Standard
Beijing cash for Sinopec

2005-12-29  AFP
Safety warning over polluted drinking water

2005-12-29  China Daily
Mittal eyes 49 percent of Baotou steelmaker

2005-12-29  China Daily
Hospitals ordered to offer cheaper check-ups

2005-12-29  Xinhua
Delaying payment to workers will be a crime

2005-12-29  Xinhua
China vows to reduce reliance on oil amid soaring prices and increasing import

2005-12-29  Christian Science Monitor
Nationalism drives China, Japan apart

2005-12-29  China Daily
Concern voiced over salt tide threat

2005-12-29  China Daily
Plans in motion to build power plants overseas

2005-12-29  Xinhua
Grain production per unit hits record

2005-12-29  China Daily
Securities investment rules to change

2005-12-29  China Daily
80% of private firms violate employee rights

2005-12-29  The Guardian
Japan says diplomat's suicide followed blackmail by China,7369,1674686,00.html

2005-12-29  Financial Times
Beijing voices its support for HK leader

2005-12-28  Reuters
China to consider introducing anti-monopoly law

2005-12-28  Reuters
218b yuan for rural education campaign

2005-12-28  Christian Science Monitor
Chinese tourists: Asia's new 'ugly Americans'

2005-12-28  New York Times
When Chinese Sue the State, Cases Are Often Smothered

2005-12-28  The Guardian
Sleaze exposed in China as former minister is jailed,7369,1674366,00.html

2005-12-28  Financial Times
Study on China energy demand delayed

2005-12-27  Reuters
Xu gets 12 yearsXu gets 12 years

2005-12-26  New York Times
Seeking a Public Voice on China's 'Angry River'

2005-12-24  Washington Post
Chinese Hold Protest Leader, Land Activist

2005-12-23  Asia Times
Santa's Chinese elves

2005-12-22  Japan Focus
China Lays Down Gauntlet in Energy War: the geopolitics of oil, Central Asia and the United States

2005-12-20  Yale Global
The East Asia Summit: More Discord than Accord

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