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2005-11-24  AFX
China fiscal policy aims to boost domestic demand, support agriculture

2005-11-24  Dow Jones
Foreign Banks Eye China Retail Banking Sector

2005-11-24  New York Times
A Party Girl Leads China's Online Revolution

2005-11-24  People's Daily
Way that Communist Party of China takes in 21st century

2005-11-24  The Guardian
China admits toxic spill is threat to city's water,7369,1649315,00.html

2005-11-24  New York Times
Water Crisis Shows China's Pollution Risks

2005-11-23  Xinhua
70% of rivers, lakes polluted in China

2005-11-23  Morgan Stanley
Towards a Deflationary Landing

2005-11-23  Reuters
Yuan feels IMF pressure

2005-11-23  Financial Times
China's plans for venture capital champions

2005-11-23  Asia Times
Hooters still hot in Shanghai

2005-11-22  Shenzhen Daily
No major stakes in banks for foreigners

2005-11-22  Asia Times
Slouching dragon, hidden camcorder

2005-11-22  LA Times
'Second Wives' Are Back,1,798297.story

2005-11-21  LA Times
Chinese Automakers Find Routes to Western Markets,1,7654263.story

2005-11-21  Reuters
China's welfare push to help economic rebalancing

2005-11-21  Christian Science Monitor
A list aids China's political prisoners

2005-11-21  The Standard
Major players to win shakeout

2005-11-21  Shenzhen Daily
Excess capacity may generate deflation

2005-11-21  China Daily
China, US leaders highlight common interests

2005-11-21  People's Daily
Chinese premier vows to build resource-saving society

2005-11-21  Financial Times
Little impact seen after Bush visit to China

2005-11-21  The Guardian
Bush provides China with lectures, entreaties and a few laughs,7369,1647082,00.html

2005-11-20  LA Times
It's Mostly Business as Bush Meets Hu in China,1,7715183.story

2005-11-19  The Standard
Mind your language

2005-11-18  China Economic Net
China has US$285b of excess forex reserves

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