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2005-10-08  SCMP
Gangsters on motorbikes attack neighbourhood activist

2005-10-08  International Herald Tribune
With Interest: China is both a powerhouse and a pauper

2005-10-08  World Socialist Web Site
Foreign capital pours into China's banks

2005-10-08  China Daily
China expects to triple trade surplus

2005-10-08  China Economic Net
ARJ21: getting stronger in int'l cooperation

2005-10-08  China Daily
CPC session opens with focus on income gap

2005-10-08  China Daily
Malnutrition hits 30% of poverty-stricken children

2005-10-08  Asia Times
Google maps China strategy

2005-10-07  SCMP
Protesters demand freedom for leaders

2005-10-07  China Daily
Exports buoyant as China's trade volume rockets

2005-10-07  The Guardian
Mad about the girl: a pop idol for China,7369,1586968,00.html

2005-10-07  Reuters
China's wealth gap reaching critical level

2005-10-06  Reuters
China arrests lawyer helping villagers protest

2005-10-06  Christian Science Monitor
Hu sets out blueprint for China's future

2005-10-06  Xinhua
A strategic move towards social harmony

2005-10-06  Bloomberg
Bank of America gets investment protection

2005-10-06  LA Times
Chinese Town Loses Hyperlink to Future,1,5551447.story

2005-10-06  Asia Pulse
Foreign dotcoms covet Chinese counterparts

2005-10-06  Financial Times
Fewer skilled graduates may hinder China

2005-10-05  Morgan Stanley
Diverse Effects of Expensive Oil

2005-10-05  The Guardian
China's latest export: peace,7369,1585181,00.html

2005-10-04  The Guardian
Gas bagging,7369,1584733,00.html

2005-10-04  New York Times
Sentimental or Not, a Steam-Powered Journey Is Ending

2005-10-04  New York Times
Women in China Embrace Divorce as Stigma Eases

2005-10-03  LA Times
A New Face for Taiwanese Nationalists,1,430401.story

2005-10-03  New York Times
Fashion Magazines Rush to Mold China's Sense of Style

2005-10-02  New York Times
Let a Thousand Film Students Compete

2005-09-30  Morgan Stanley
Coping with a Strong Dollar

2005-09-30  Asia Times
Feeding frenzy for overseas banks

2005-09-30  The Guardian
Chindia, where the world's workshop meets its office,7369,1581705,00.html

2005-09-29  Washington Post
On Chinese Television, What's Cool Is No Longer Correct

2005-09-29  Asia Times
For Taiwan, American rock, Chinese hard place

2005-09-29  Financial Times
Foreign investment in China tops $61bn

2005-09-29  Christian Science Monitor
To strengthen ties with China, speak the language first

2005-09-29  SCMP
Paper banned over cover-up report

2005-09-29  The Economist
The cauldron boils

2005-09-27  Yale Global
Undue Fears of China Inc?

2005-09-27  Foreign Policy in Focus
A Story of Leaders, Partners, and Clients

2005-09-26  Financial Times
The Groucho club, Soho House and now the Shanghai Star

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