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Here are my short comments

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Just adding something else also relevant:

David Harvey's very new book--A Brief History of Neoliberalism (published 
two weeks ago by Oxford UP)--has a long chapter on China, called 
"Neoliberalism with CHinese Characteristics". It relies quite extensively on

"China and Socialism", and to a lesser extent on Wang Hui's China's New 
Order (Harvard 2003). It'll be really nice to read all the three books 
together and compare them. There're many similarities, with important 
differences of course.

Two of the Chinese pieces published in Pipan yu Zaizao that Hairong listed 
have English versions. They're:

Li Minqi's review (the very first one I think) "Revolution is Dead, Long 
Live the Revolution"
And my "Rethinking 'Capitalist Restoration' in China"

If anyone prefers to read the English version please email me. Minqi is 
currently not a member of this list, but hopefully soon will be.

Another member of this list, Mobo, is the author of an article on "China and

Socialism" kjust published in Critical Asian Studies. I have not seen it in 
the library yet. Maybe Mobo can share his thoughts with us here.


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