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2005-09-01  Xinhua
Regrouping of SOEs to speed up: official

2005-09-01  China Daily
Joint ventures in futures get green light

2005-09-01  China Daily
Corruption behind coal mine woes targetted

2005-09-01  New York Times
Textile Talks With China Seen at Impasse

2005-08-31  China Development Brief
Government think-tank denounces health care inequities

2005-08-31  The Guardian
China shuts 7,000 pits in safety drive,7369,1560389,00.html

2005-08-31  China Daily
Foreign banks allowed to trade forwards

2005-08-31  International Herald Leader
The Privilege of China’s Wealthiest: A Legal Second Child

2005-08-31  AFP
With China's help, Angola to rebuild roads

2005-08-31  SCMP
Carlyle fixes terms to Pacific Life bid

2005-08-31  AP
Report: China Banks Sign Investment Deals

2005-08-31  New York Times
Hong Kong's Chief Executive Invites Entire Legislature to Visit Mainland China With Him

2005-08-31  New York Times
Secrecy Veils China's Jailing of a Journalist

2005-08-31  New York Times
Chinese Apparel Makers Increasingly Seek the Creative Work

2005-08-31  The Guardian
Mandelson's textiles U-turn,7369,1559612,00.html

2005-08-30  SCMP
Changes to protest law put organisers 'at greater risk'

2005-08-30  China Daily
N: China on track to meet all MDGs

2005-08-30  China Daily
Poor students cry for help

2005-08-29  Christian Science Monitor
In China, it's Mongolian Cow Yogurt Super Girl

2005-08-29  Interfax
Chinese gamers launch protest over government plans to limit online game playtime

2005-08-29  New York Times
Media Executives Court China, but Still Run Into Obstacles

2005-08-29  New York Times
Beijing Police Raid Rights Group Office

2005-08-29  AFP
Economists urge action to avoid looming slowdown

2005-08-29  Financial Times
China's bank chief seeks to allay renminbi fears

2005-08-29  Xinhua
Sexual harassment against women outlawed

2005-08-29  China Daily
Online beggar directory a waste?

2005-08-29  China Daily
Shanxi sinking as mines riddle land

2005-08-28  SCMP
Pollution protests a powder keg, say activists

2005-08-28  The Observer
China's poorest will suffer,6903,1557943,00.html

2005-08-28  Sunday Herald
Enter the dragon … in Africa’s darkest nations

2005-08-26  SCMP
Poisoned village up in arms again

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