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2005-08-27  Xinhua
Industrial profit shrinks amid economic boom

2005-08-27  China Daily
China, Venezuela firms to co-develop oilfields

2005-08-27  The Standard
Two-wheel revolution

2005-08-26  Xinhua
Beijing besieged by porverty belt

2005-08-26  New York Times
'63 Tapes Reveal Kennedy and Aides Discussed Using Nuclear Arms in a China-India Clash

2005-08-26  Xinhua
Chinese farmers to save 2.7 bn USD from agricultural tax cut this year

2005-08-26  Asia Pulse
China goes whole hog on share reforms

2005-08-26  Asia Times
Sex and the City (and China's media crackdown)

2005-08-26  Reuters
China Experts Say Bird Flu Bigger Threat Than SARS

2005-08-25  Caijing
Who's to Blame for South China's Oil Shortage?

2005-08-25  The Asian Wall Street Journal
China's Angry Petitioners

2005-08-25  Asia Times
China's Kazakh prize: The expert opinion

2005-08-25  Financial Times
China commits to market overhaul

2005-08-25  Financial Times
Economic census reveals China's hidden businesses

2005-08-25  Asia Pulse
India irked by China's gloating on PK deal

2005-08-25  Asia Times
China's Kazakh prize: The expert opinion

2005-08-24  Financial Times
China extends stock reform to all listed firms

2005-08-24  The Guardian
Chinese takeaway is going nowhere,7369,1555417,00.html

2005-08-24  Interfax
China blocks online gamers from playing for more than 3 consecutive hours

2005-08-24  New York Times
Alarm and disarray on rise in China

2005-08-24  AP
China expands program to sell state-held shares

2005-08-15  Macleans
China report, part one: The China Bubble

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