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2005-07-22  China Daily
Postal business to be split into sectors

2005-07-22  Xinhua
Reservoir collapse kills 15, injures 23 in Yunnan

2005-07-22  Xinhua
China ranks 1st among WB borrowers

2005-07-22  International Herald Tribune
Lots of wealth, lots of people, lots of flaws

2005-07-22  China Daily
China's Internet users reach 103 million

2005-07-22  New York Times
U.S. Calls Revaluation a Good Start

2005-07-22  New York Times
Impact on Chinese Companies: For Most, Not Much

2005-07-22  New York Times
China No Longer to Peg Currency Only to Dollar

2005-07-21  Morgan Stanley
Booming Inner Mongolia

2005-07-21  People's Daily
Japan's provocation in East China Sea very dangerous

2005-07-21  New York Times
In Takeover Dance, the Chinese Miss a Step

2005-07-21  People's Daily
$711 bln forex reserves, is that big?

2005-07-21  China Daily
Power plants pushed to boiling point

2005-07-21  New York Times
China Has an Ancient Mariner to Tell You About

2005-07-21  Andrew Ross Sorkin
Chinese End Maytag Offer; 2 Suitors Left

2005-07-21  Yale Global
Revaluation: A Double-Edged Sword for China

2005-07-21  Asia Times
China according to the Pentagon

2005-07-21  Asia Times
Taiwan's Ma proves an odd winner

2005-07-21  Financial Times
China to let companies give workers stocks

2005-07-21  Financial Times
China ends renminbi’s decade-old peg to dollar

2005-07-20  Morgan Stanley
Still Boiling in 2Q05

2005-07-20  China Daily
Open Debate on Women's Rights

2005-07-20  Bloomberg
 China's steel policy envisions few players

2005-07-20  Reuters
Chinese criticise Japan germ warfare ruling

2005-07-20  New York Times
China's Military Geared to Deterring Taiwan, Report Says

2005-07-20  Financial Times
China hits at US claim of military threat

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