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2005-07-08  SCMP
One campaign 'won't end protests'

2005-07-07  AAP
China writes off debt from Africa

2005-07-07  Foreign Policy in Focus
China's tango in Latin America

2005-07-07  People's Daily
China trade surplus to surpass $70 bln

2005-07-07  People's Daily
Washington draws India in against China

2005-07-07  Asia Pulse
China's first private oil group established

2005-07-07  Asia Timers
Trade in the age of overcapacity

2005-07-07  The Guardian
Chinese car firms gear up to take on west,7369,1522942,00.html

2005-07-07  New York Times
A Deft Balance in Orchestrating China's Oil Offer

2005-07-06  SCMP
Acceptance of rights replacing reflex fear of protests

2005-07-06  Globe and Mail
Alarm bells sound over China's 'fascist society'

2005-07-06  China Daily
More Relief Planned for China's Poor

2005-07-06  Financial Times
China 'not ready for market economy status'

2005-07-06  Reuters
China Shopping Mall Bomb Injures 47, One Seriously

2005-07-05  Xinhua
26.1 Million Chinese Still in Abject Poverty

2005-07-05  Xinhua
Poll Finds Early Sex a Norm in Big Cities

2005-07-05  Asia Pacific Media Network
Why "China Shock" is suddenly hitting America

The Chinese in Africa

Education Gap Overtakes Economic Disparity

2005-07-03  AFP
Thousands of farmers protest land eviction in Guangdong province

2005-07-01  China Daily
The sex oppression of migrant workers voiced

2005-06-23  The Economist
Turning ploughshares into staves

2005-05-31  Foreign Policy in Focus
The Dragon and the Chrysanthemum

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