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2005-05-06  China Daily
Country 'shocked' by Japan's Taiwan stance

2005-05-06  People's Daily
People's Daily runs commentator's article on laborers' rights

2005-05-05  The Economist
Behind all the glitter

2005-05-05  SCMP
Youngsters flash the most cash

2005-05-05  Asia Pulse
China's electric power sector reaches growth limit

2005-05-05  Financial Times
Taiwanese opposition leader vows to break China impasse

2005-05-05  Financial Times
Support accord 'could develop into Asian IMF'

2005-05-05  Asia Times
China's sweatshops running out of workers

2005-05-05  Inter Press Service
For the love of art, help China

2005-05-05  The Guardian
Fei Xiaotong,7369,1476554,00.html

2005-05-04  SCMP
Competition sees retailers crumble

2005-05-04  SCMP
Beijing hints Chen is not welcome on the mainland

2005-05-04  New York Times
China Dashes Hopes of Dialogue with Taiwan's President

2005-05-04  Asia Times
Civil society groups rely on Beijing

2005-05-02  The New Yorker
Bitter Bamboo

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