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2005-04-29  Christian Science Monitor
China rolls out red carpet as it hosts a Taiwan politician

2005-04-29  China Daily
Revised petition rules to take effect

2005-04-28  Asia Pulse
China to allow more foreign investment in steel

2005-04-28  Asia Times
US walks China trade tightrope

2005-04-28  Financial Times
Bank refinance may cost Beijing $190bn

2005-04-28  Daily Champion
China And 'An Africa That Can Say No'

2005-04-28  SCMP
Efforts to rein in growth ring hollow for short-changed workers

2005-04-28  SCMP
Wen outlines plan to steady surging property market

2005-04-28  SCMP
Hu hails a 'golden age' in relations

2005-04-28  Deutsche Welle
Looming EU Trade War with China?,1564,1567661,00.html

2005-04-28  Financial Times
China bank chiefs hit at Communist party role

2005-04-28  People's Daily
The rejoining of both history thread ends

2005-04-28  People's Daily
Hu Jintao expects to meet Lien Chan in Beijing

2005-04-28  Asia Pacific Media Network
China's March on South Asia

2005-04-28  China Economic Net
Regulator mulls limits on foreign bank entry

2005-04-28  China Economic Net
Investment in steel sector drops sharply

2005-04-28  China Daily
Property draws overseas investors

2005-04-28  Asia Times
China beats Japan in Russian pipeline race

2005-04-28  Asia Times
Chen could be Taiwan's Nixon

2005-04-28  Asia Times
No well-off farmers, no well-off China

2005-04-28  LA Times
Working-Class Hero? NBA Star Nets China's Proletarian Award,1,1720370.story

2005-04-27  SCMP
Shanghai property prices fall as crackdown begins to bite

2005-04-27  Financial Times
China 'should end renminbi's dollar peg'

2005-04-27  Asia Times
China integrates into global supply chain

2005-04-26  Washington Post
Short-Lived Strike Reflects Strength of Japan-China Ties

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