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2005-04-11  China Economic Net
The image of MNCs being destroyed in China

2005-04-11  China Economic Net
China's exports likely rose 32% in March

2005-04-10  LA Times
China's Strategy Gives It the Edge in the Battle of Two Sock Capitals,1,5181869.story

2005-04-10  AP
Anti-Japan Protests Continue in China,1280,-4926876,00.html

2005-04-09  People's Daily
China's employment problem is prominent this year

2005-04-09  People's Daily
Chinese firms voice objection to EU, US restrictions on Chinese textiles

2005-04-09  New York Times
Made in China. Bought Everywhere.

2005-04-09  New York Times
In Rare Legal Protest, Chinese Seek Boycott of Japan Goods

2005-04-09  People's Daily
Will China & Japan move toward confrontation? Comment

2005-04-09  China Economic Net
Wenzhou merchants defeated in cultural conflict

2005-04-09  China Economic Net
Housing price surge big concern

2005-04-09  The Guardian
The empire shifts,7369,1454888,00.html

2005-04-09  AP
Chinese protesters seek Japan boycott

2005-04-08  SCMP
'Polluted fog' leaves a city gasping

2005-04-08  China Economic Net
How interest rate adjustments work in China

2005-04-08  Washington Post
U.S., China Agree To Regular Talks

2005-04-08  Asia Times
Promise and problems

2005-04-08  The Guardian
Beijing bravado hides growing internal strain,7369,1454752,00.html

2005-04-07  Morgan Stanley
Scare and Dare

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