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2005-04-06  China Daily
Japanese textbook distorts history, stirs fury

2005-04-06  China Daily
400,000 to relocate for water project

2005-04-06  Christian Science Monitor
Beijing enforces the party line

2005-04-06  The Guardian
Rover chiefs promise 10m,7369,1453143,00.html

2005-04-06  Washington Post
Japanese Schoolbooks Anger S. Korea, China

2005-04-05  People's Daily
Foreign capital takes more chances in China's commercial sector

2005-04-05  SCMP
Shortage of staff triggers drive to fill vacancies

2005-04-05  Washington Post
China Fights Enlarging Security Council

2005-04-05  Asia Pulse
Tough times ahead for China's banks

2005-04-05  Asia Pulse
Chinese workers spread out

2005-04-05  Inter Press Service
China brings Nepal friendship, not arms

2005-04-05  The Guardian
Pacific power play puts Japan and China between a rock and a hard place,7369,1452414,00.html

2005-04-05  LA Times
U.S. to Probe Imports of Chinese Goods,1,5398185.story

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