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2005-04-05  International Herald Tribune
Mourning has rules in China

2005-04-04  China Daily
Beijing moves to put private cars in check

2005-04-04  Bloomberg News
Defying risks to invest in China

2005-04-04  Bloomberg
Business as usual at stores after attack

2005-04-04  Financial Times
China web opposition to Japan's UN hopes targets Beijing

2005-04-04  People's Daily
China's poverty-stricken population down over 10 percent

2005-04-04  People's Daily
ASEAN becomes China's 4th largest trade partner

2005-04-04  China Daily
Government reins in property prices

2005-04-04  China Daily
Protesters oppose Japan's bid for UN seat

2005-04-04  China Daily
Vehicle sales slump sparks profits crash

2005-04-04  SCMP
Escalating outcry poses threat to Japanese trade, investments

2005-04-04  SCMP
China freezes film, TV co-production

2005-04-04  SCMP
Barbarians deliver coals to Newcastle

2005-04-04  SCMP
Anti-Japan protests spread to Shenzhen

2005-04-04  New York Times
Stream of Chinese Textile Imports Is Becoming a Flood

2005-04-04  New York Times
U.S. Blocks Use of Mapping System in China

2005-04-04  Asia Pulse
Foreign institutions bet on China's insurance

2005-04-04  Asia Times
Nationalists, communists mend fences in China

2005-04-03  LA Times
Split Over Taiwan's Future,1,5503047.story

2005-04-03  The Observer
Chinese balk at Rover's 400m black hole,7369,1450992,00.html

2005-04-02  SCMP
Chain stores boycott Japanese goods

2005-04-02  People's Daily
Chinese workers set foot on global market

2005-04-02  New York Times
Help Wanted: China Finds Itself With a Labor Shortage

2005-04-02  The Guardian
Taiwan's prizefighters slug it out as China raises the stakes,7369,1450712,00.html

2005-04-01  New York Times
Shifting Buyer Trends Set Back Western Carmakers in China

2005-04-01  New York Times
If 22 Million Chinese Prevail at U.N., Japan Won't

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