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Date Thu, 31 Mar 2005 10:26:28 -0800

2005-03-31  People's Daily
Twelve results achieved in CPC and KMT dialogue

2005-03-31  People's Daily
KMT leader Lien Chan invited to visit mainland

2005-03-31  China Daily
Chemical tanker crashes, killing 27

2005-03-31  China Daily

71% of Chinese women sexually harassed?

2005-03-31  New York Times
22 Million Chinese Seek to Block Japan's Bid to Join U.N. Council

2005-03-31  Financial Times
Zhou rules out move to revalue renminbi

2005-03-31  LA Times
Stature of Limitations in China,1,4784393.story

2005-03-31  LA Times
Leader's Biography a Hit in China,1,5143174.story

2005-03-31  Asia Pulse
Over to Chinese MNCs

2005-03-31  Morgan Stanley
Spring Scare or Burst

2005-03-31  The Guardian
Writing is on the wall for wary Taiwan,7369,1448814,00.html

2005-03-31  Sydney Morning Herald
Web petition stokes anti-Japan passions

2005-03-31  The Guardian
Harsh reality of China's fantasy craze,7369,1448786,00.html

2005-03-31  International Herald Tribune
Sons of Chiang on Mao’s turf

2005-03-30  New York Times
Opposition Visit to Beijing Sparks Anger Among Taiwan Leaders

2005-03-30  Asia Times
Akayev's fall brings hope to Uighurs

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