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Date Sat, 12 Mar 2005 11:39:26 -0800

2005-03-12  Asia Pulse
China, Greenspan rub salt in dollar wound

2005-03-12  LA Times
Chinese Embrace Quickie Divorce as State Butts Out of Private Lives,1,5543259.story

2005-03-12  Washington Post
In China, Two Books but One Party

2005-03-12  China Daily

Restructure capital's job market

2005-03-12  China Daily
Private firms encouraged to grow

2005-03-12  Straits Times
Income gap fuels juvenile crimes,5562,305262,00.html?

2005-03-12  Straits Times
4,000 Chinese officials run off with $80 billion,5562,305305,00.html?

2005-03-12  Financial Times
Tsang takes over as Hong Kong’s acting chief

2005-03-12  Reuters
Taiwan's Chen Calls for Mass Rally Against China Law

2005-03-11  People's Daily
500,000 near Beijing to be relocated

2005-03-11  Financial Times
China pledges to curb clothing exports to US

2005-03-10  Asia Times
Dollar catching Asian flu

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