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2005-02-28  SCMP
China's oil titans face a private-sector challenge

2005-02-28  SCMP
Equal terms sought for the private sector

2005-02-28  Xinhua
China's 730 million farmers to pay no agricultural taxes

2005-02-28  Straits Times
Illegal foreign currency market thriving,5562,303000,00.html?

2005-02-28  Straits Times
China's graft fighters go after 'big fish',5562,303010,00.html?

2005-02-27  Financial Times
Brusselsí stance on textiles imports is hypocrisy

2005-02-27  China Daily
China to gradually open capital account in 2005

2005-02-27  LA Times
China Embargo Divides Allies,1,3838186.story

2005-02-27  The Observer
Why Mr Brown went to China,7369,1426221,00.html

2005-02-27  The Observer
Insider dealing smooths the way,7369,1426229,00.html

2005-02-27  The Observer
Chinese offer just £130m to Rover,7369,1426166,00.html

2005-02-27  Financial Times
China commits to currency reform

2005-02-26  Washington Post
China's Quiet Rise Casts Wide Shadow

2005-02-26  China Daily
Beijing moves to further co-operation with Taiwan

2005-02-26  China Daily
Amendment allows single-person firms

2005-02-25  Xinhua
Foreign debt snowballed in 2004

2005-02-25  Globe and Mail
Great mall of China bewildering to shoppers

2005-02-25  Asia Times
Indonesia targets timber trafficking racket

2005-02-25  Inter Press Service
China, US ever at loggerheads over Taiwan

2005-02-25  Asia Times
The KMT power struggle in Taiwan

2005-02-25  People's Daily
China relaxes control on market access for non-public economy

2005-02-25  AP
China Gains Foothold in Angolan Oil Sector

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