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2005-02-03  New York Times
China to Cut Taxes on Farmers and Raise Their Subsidies

2005-02-03  AP
China Rejects Currency Controls Reform

2005-02-03  SCMP
Education policy 'closes door on poor'

2005-02-03  SCMP
Foreign-owned ventures get a break with simpler tax structure

2005-02-03  SCMP
Power grab likely to bring Nepal closer to China

2005-02-03  Xinhua
China to end govt bailout for bankrupt SOEs

2005-02-03  Financial Times
China, Taiwan test ground for wider contacts

2005-02-03  Asia Times
US-China complications, contradictions

2005-02-03  Asia Times
US bill aims to shake China off the peg

2005-02-02  New York Times
China Helped Oil Company in Russia Buy Yukos Unit

2005-02-02  LA Times
Chinese Tree Savior Put Himself Out on a Limb,1,5596158.story

2005-02-02  Financial Times
China orders halt to part of Three Gorges dam

2005-02-02  Inter Press Service
China yawns at Bush freedom rhetoric

2005-02-01  SCMP
Rural tensions still threaten stability: adviser

2005-02-01  AFP
Officials busted,5562,298719,00.html?

2005-02-01  Straits Times
Guangdong's state firms jack up CEO pay,5562,298720,00.html?

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