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2005-01-04  China Daily
Shortfall in coal supply to remain

2005-01-04  China Daily
China imposes anti-dumping duties on fibres

2005-01-04  China Daily
HBO entering digital TV market

2005-01-04  Xinhua
Population to hit 1.3 billion this week

2005-01-04  Asia Times
Anti-secession law may backfire in Taiwan

2005-01-04  SCMP
Wugang acquisition given green light

2005-01-04  SCMP
Worker unrest outbreak takes HK employer by surprise

2005-01-04  SCMP
Firms fined after failing to pay workers on time

2005-01-04  SCMP
Party must not be above the law, says chief justice

2005-01-04  SCMP
Peasants in upstream fight to halt dam

2005-01-04  China Economic Net
Benefits amid a great upsurge of Chinese students abroad

2005-01-04  China Daily
Sinopec finds huge oil, gas reserves

2005-01-04  Xinhua
Filmmakers urged to register titles

2005-01-04  Financial Times
China targets slower growth of money supply

2005-01-04  Bloomberg News
Profit doubles for China steel maker

2005-01-04  Asia Times
Russia walks thin line between Japan and China

2005-01-04  New York Times
Size of China's Aid Marks a Policy Shift, but Is Still Dwarfed by That of Richer Countries

2005-01-03  Financial Times
China’s role in the global balance of payments

2005-01-03  AFP
China enacts laws in line with WTO

2005-01-03  Bloomberg News
China textile makers bask as quotas expire

2005-01-03  New York Times
A Village Grows Rich Off Its Main Export: Its Daughters

2005-01-03  New York Times
Chinese Project Pits Environmentalists Against Development Plans

2005-01-03  Reuters
US Group Inks Deal to Import Chinese Cars

2005-01-03  LA Times
Spying Case Underscores Rivalry of Asian Chip Firms,1,1524675.story

2005-01-03  Straits Times
Great Wall replica in Sichuan a big flop,5562,293653,00.html?

2005-01-03  Xinhua
Number of self-employed tops 100 million in China

2005-01-02  Financial Times
The world should be braced for China's expansion

2005-01-01  LA
China Draws In Foreign Retailers,1,7301030.story

2005-01-01  New York Times
Political Tones to Problems of TV Maker in China

2004-12-31  New York Times
China's 'Haves' Stir the 'Have Nots' to Violence

2004-12-31  SCMP
Cadres disciplined over university land scam

2004-12-30  Wall Street Journal
China's Steel Threat May Be Excess, Not Shortage
2004-12-30  China Economic Net
China plundered most by foreign investors

2004-12-30  Reuters
China Emerges as Contender for Yukos Stake

2004-12-30  People's Daily
Fiscal reform to favor the poor in China

2004-12-30  Washington Post
Manipulating the Mekong

2004-12-30  LA Times
Disparity of Change,1,2955951.story

2004-12-30  The Guardian
China's angry young focus their hatred on old enemy,7369,1380737,00.html

2004-12-30  Financial Times
Sinopec to privatise affiliate in $500m deal

2004-12-30  Beijing Review
Experimenting With Democracy

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