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2004-12-25  New York Times
China's Elite Learn to Flaunt It While the New Landless Weep

2004-12-25  LA Times
Chinese Shoe Firm Steps Up Its Game,1,7495317.story

2004-12-25  AP
On This Reality TV Show, East Meets West

2004-12-25  New York Times
In Roaring China, Sweaters Are West of Socks City

2004-12-25  Asia Times
Anti-secession law may backfire in Taiwan

2004-12-25  Inter Press Service
The Dragon stirs in a wary world

2004-12-24  SCMP
Chinese firms lead technology plays

2004-12-24  Financial Times
US threat to UK defence groups over China arms

2004-12-24  AP
Venezuela to give China greater oil access

2004-12-24  The Guardian
Toyland workers strike new deal,7369,1379557,00.html

2004-12-24  Reuters
Chavez ponders Mao and Bolivar friendship

2004-12-23  UPI
China finds new oil reserves

2004-12-22  Financial Times
Television: A cultural revolution

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