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Date Tue, 21 Dec 2004 20:39:38 -0800

2004-12-21  New York Times
Rural Exodus for Work Fractures Chinese Family

2004-12-21  The Age
Workers flown in from China

2004-12-21  Asia Times
China's defensive realism

2004-12-21  Financial Times
China steps up protection of intellectual property

2004-12-21  Reuters
China detains 'outspoken' editorial writer

2004-12-21  SCMP
Factory layoffs shelved after thousands protest

2004-12-21  SCMP
Provinces lose power to issue GDP figures

2004-12-21  SCMP
CCTV put under microscope as auditors move in

2004-12-21  SCMP
Laid-off state workers to lose special status

2004-12-20  BBC
2004: China's coming out party

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