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2004-12-16  New York Times
Workers Demand Union at Wal-Mart Supplier in China

2004-12-16  China Daily
Wealth gap threatens development

2004-12-16  Straits Times
Hu's men move into top posts in reshuffle,5562,290801,00.html?

2004-12-16  SCMP
Inflation fears are mounting: expert

2004-12-16  SCMP
Agents' strike threatens to paralyse port

2004-12-16  Christian Science Monitor
Family ties take new shapes in a prosperous China

2004-12-16  Beijing Review
The Weight of Black Gold

2004-12-16  China Daily
Scheme to improve SOE performance

2004-12-16  Financial Times
Japan risks damaging China relations with Lee visa

2004-12-16  Financial Times
China fixed-asset investment eases further

2004-12-16  Financial Times
China increases transparency of nontradable shares

2004-12-16  Inter Press Service
Chorus for Taiwan-US trade pact

2004-12-16  Asia Times
The Dragon battles back to beat Nike

2004-12-15  Financial Times
Official warns of Beijing intervention on Renault plant

2004-12-15  International Herald Tribune
China's needs could rescue European industry

2004-12-15  SCMP
Writers' detention fuels fears of crackdown

2004-12-15  Christian Science Monitor
Love and money reshape family in China

2004-12-15  AP
China Gets First Foreign Bank Chairman

2004-12-15  The Guardian
China shifts from receiving to giving foreign aid as economic boom continues,7369,1373830,00.html

2004-12-15  The Guardian
Wartime Chinese sex slaves lose compensation fight,7369,1374195,00.html

2004-12-15  China Economic Net
Retreat of the foreign-funded dairy giants from China

2004-12-15  Asia Times

Taiwan unions rejoice at pan-blue win

2004-12-14  Financial Times
China under US scrutiny

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