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2004-12-09  People's Daily
"Professional exhaustion" harassing Chinese society, survey

2004-12-09  Washington Post
IBM Reassures Workers After Milestone China Deal

2004-12-09  Straits Times
EU not lifting China arms embargo,5562,289471,00.html?

2004-12-09  SCMP
Analysts wary of Lenovo tie-up

2004-12-09  SCMP
Propaganda efforts directed at the internet

2004-12-09  SCMP
Electronics firm fined 1.96m yuan over low wages

2004-12-09  SCMP
Bite of Big Blue puts Lenovo in big league

2004-12-09  China Daily
Survey: China performing well in WTO tasks

2004-12-09  China Daily
Plan in pipeline for population problems

2004-12-09  China Daily
'Gold collar' class expands in China

2004-12-09  Beijing Review
Unfurling the Financial Sector

2004-12-09  Beijing Review
Another Coalmine Tragedy

2004-12-09  Beijing Review
WTO Prying Open Yet Another Market

2004-12-08  Reuters
Chinese Companies Seen Following Lenovo - IBM Lead

2004-12-08  Christian Science Monitor
A landmark move for China Inc.

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