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Date Sat, 04 Dec 2004 10:31:45 -0800

2004-12-04  Business Week
Bolstering China's Banks

2004-12-04  Globe and Mail
IBM reported set to sell PC unit to China's Lenovo for $2-billion

2004-12-04  Slate
Oh, My God! The Chinese Are Coming!

2004-12-04  Reuters
'Kekexili' Wins Best Film at Chinese Oscars

2004-12-04  SCMP
Dirty money flow washes over China

2004-12-04  New York Times
White House Defends China on Currency

2004-12-04  New York Times
Failed China Fuel Supplier Waited Too Long for Help

2004-12-04  AP
Playboy goes to China

2004-12-03  Business Week
Just How Cheap Is Chinese Labor?

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