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2004-11-18  Chicago Tribune
In China, no money means no treatment

2004-11-18  SCMP
Shanghai to move 760,000 residents from inner-city area

2004-11-18  Tang Yuankai
All In the Family

2004-11-18  Beijing Review
Unbalanced Trade

2004-11-18  Beijing Review
You Need What You Buy

2004-11-18  BBC
Oil fuels Asian giants' tensions

2004-11-18  Asia Times
Beijing to fight party evil-doers

2004-11-18  Washington Post
Iran's New Alliance With China Could Cost U.S. Leverage

2004-11-18  People's Daily
Beijing to open six sensitive commercial fields

2004-11-18  New York Times
Chinese Move to Eclipse U.S. Appeal in South Asia

2004-11-18  Reuters
China halts dam, sacks official after protests

2004-11-18  The Guardian
Mandarin Chinese speaks volumes in giving the young an ear for music,7369,1353606,00.html

2004-11-18  The Guardian
Widely panned, loos in China get clean-up,7369,1353551,00.html

2004-11-17  Financial Times
Chinese banks race to meet benchmarks

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