Experience of foreign ruling parties worth study: official

From Jonathan Lassen <jjlassen@chinastudygroup.org>
Date Tue, 16 Nov 2004 13:31:30 -0500
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I had my bet on Japan's LDP, but it looks like I'm wrong.


Experience of foreign ruling parties worth study: official
People's Daily
Nov 16

With rapid development of globalization, informationization, 
democratization and marketization under current circumstances, some 
ruling parties have made notable achievements by strengthening party 
building and following the tide of world development. The experience and 
practice of these parties are worth studying, says Wang Jiarui, Minister 
of the CPC International Department in his article carried on the latest 
issue of the Study Times of the CPC Party School.

There is something in common in ruling party's ruling capability around 
the world. Despite the different ruling patterns, the varied belief, 
creed, ruling philosophy and social foundation of the parties, there are 
still some common rules in building their ruling capability.

The article cites major practices of the foreign ruling parties in six 
aspects i.e. capability to innovate in theory, to organize and mobilize, 
to make decision, to develop economy, to cope with crisis, to deal with 
other countries.

The article mentions the successful experience of the UK's Labour Party, 
the Hungarian Socialist Worker's Party, the Social Democratic Party of 
Germany, the Vietnam's Communist Party, the People's Action Party of 

As a long-term comprehensive systematic project, building of ruling 
capability involves many aspects. The 4th Plenary Session of the 16th 
Central Committee of the Communist Party of China has adopted a 
resolution on this issue, which signifies the building of ruling 
capability has entered a new phase. The work must be planned 
scientifically at strategic level and explained systematically in theory.

The resolution of the 4th Plenary Session of the 16th Central Committee 
of the Communist Party of China not only sets forth the connotation of 
the ruling capability, but also proposes five aspects in enhancing 
ruling capability, which covers aspects of economy, politics, culture, 
society, diplomatism, sovereignty and security. This resolution is the 
one with no precedent in history of communist party, or even history of 
party in the world.